Large application solutions

Brief Introduction of Multi-Zonation Solution in Large Plant (BCS System)

Figure 1: Suitable for industrial plants with more sites and more factories.

◆ System can connect hard disk recording equipment, full-time recording of the whole system station and remote backup through PC. (Hard Disk Recorder)

◆ System can be connected to public broadcasting through the audio source interface.

◆ System can connect the fire signal through the fire protection interface and expand the fire alarm range.

◆ System can divide the large area of the site into 1-5 or more areas by controlling the station and merging the sub-area, separate the infrequent contact workshop, and merge the areas that need to be contacted by the control station when needed.

◆ System can play timing or specific music to the scene through the audio source interface.

◆ System can connect wireless interphone, wireless crane system and so on through wireless interface.


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