Shanghai Hellosun Electric Co.,Ltd was founded in 2000.The company uploads today's advanced technology and good management,owned with independent design and R & D team. The company devotes itself to the explosion-proof and static electricity control of the factory and the integration of design , marketing integration. It builds import and export companies and factories in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Cao He Jing Development Zone, Hong Kong and the mainland. The company core business includes a variety of EX-proof, anti-static grounding electrical products, electrical control technology, wiring safety, protection hose and so on. Over the past two decades, it has won wide recognition in the market by right of its excellent Hellosun gold service and quality. It has provided world-class quality products to such as BASF, 3M, Shenhua , Sinopec, Petro China, Baosteel and other well-known enterprises. To all kinds of high quality electrical and lighting technical requirements of the petroleum, chemical, power, iron and steel, rain transit and municipal administration, Hellosun can make.

The spirit of the craftsman, safety persistence: all the customer’s interests as the starting point. Our products and professional skills make the interests (such as: person, factory equipment) and property of users safer, more reliable and secure.

Design, marketing and service

Hellosun®   Static control products: EX-static Grounding system of railway and highway and all kinds of mobile loading and unloading equipment, EX- multipoint static grounding monitoring system, EX-static grounding clamps and reels, anti-static insulation flange and gasket, ground resistance tester, intrinsically safe ground resistance service, electrostatic control solution for power storage bin, EX-tanker static and oil spill prevention grounding system, intrinsically safe anti-static touch ball and series products for static protection of human body in hazardous condition, anti-static transport hose and so on.


Hellosun®   High degree of protection (IP66) series of hoses, connectors, junction boxes. A new generation of cable protection hose, ACD ultra-resistant processing, corrosion resistance, anti-interference, waterproof, dustproof, damp-proof.


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About Helosun

The company adheres to European and American advanced technology and good management, with independent research and development, design team. The company is committed to the factory's explosion-proof safety, electrostatic control and design, marketing, service integration.

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