Indoor Control Telephone Station

HFT01-ZM (Order No.:100102)

◆ Use this station with the merge partition. The indoor desktop telephone station consists of a telephone station and a power junction box.

◆Is applicable to the central control room, office, convenient for the central control operator to contact and direct with the personnel of each plant area, at any time can be merged or zoned to each area of the site.

◆ Station is made of ABS material and beautiful appearance; the power box is made of 1.5 mm galvanized steel plate and baking paint, which is resistant to heavy strike, dust and corrosion.

◆ According to the acoustic principle, the loop transmitter is designed with special geometry and anti-noise circuit, which can effectively reduce the background noise.

◆ Have broadcast mute switch, provide five modes of this station volume, confirm this station broadcast voice effect.

◆ Station with 1-5 channels of standard conversation channel available. 

◆ A distance of not less than 6 km between stations.

◆ Can provide AC110V and AC20V stations according to site usage environment.

◆ Station W built-in 2 speakers (volume continuously adjustable), if necessary to expand the broadcast range, can be connected to a variety of high-power speakers (telephone station provides 12 W audio power output).

◆ Station is equipped with speaker overload protection.

◆ Power supply part is provided with protective device and power indication.

◆ Modular design, easy to detect and easy to replace.

◆ External panel is equipped with broadcast volume adjustment knob, easy to adjust the volume at any time.

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