Full provision of industrial explosion protection programmes

Is your process equipment in danger of explosion?

We work together to work out the suitable explosion-proof solution for you.


There are explosion risks in many factories, there are many ways to deal with these risks, but how to judge which one is the  suitable for your factory?

In Hellosun, you can find the partner to answer these questions for you, our  have many years of explosion proof experience. They will always work with you to make a reliable protection plan for your factory.Provide the right explosion prevention and protection scheme to save lives, regardless of the process type, requirements or complex technical conditions, and whether it is new equipment or existing equipment, we are your loyal partner.


About Helosun

The company adheres to European and American advanced technology and good management, with independent research and development, design team. The company is committed to the factory's explosion-proof safety, electrostatic control and design, marketing, service integration.

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